Selling my first empanada

Last week I frantically made my final preparations for Saturday night’s after party event hosted by DISCO Dodgeball, at which I was to launch my new business, Maize Blaze. I had a few minor hic-ups in scaling up my operation  from small domestic batches of around 20 empanadas to the required 150 empanadas – but nothing that could hold me back.

I arrived around 5pm giving myself one hour to set up before the place opened. I was greeted by a less than friendly pub-owner but I was so excited about my launch that it could have been Voldemort himself and it would not have phased me (actually, that would be quite exciting….). Anyway, I got some help from a friendly barman and a couple of friends to unload the car and set up my display table, including my lovingly hand-drawn chalk board menus, the love-of-my-life pie oven,the three salsas and some decorations of chillis and uchuvas.

Empanadas with four different filling warming up

Empanadas with four different filling warming up

By 6.30 about four people had arrived, mostly consisting of organisers and door staff and I was not-so-patiently awaiting my first empanada sale. Which filling would they choose? Would they go for the 3 for £5 deal or just one? Would they like it? How much?

Infact, the very first sale was a cider pork n’ parsnip empanada that event organiser, Jaqcues Graves, bought for one of the DJs. I used the tongs for health, my lockable money box and explained about each of the salsas from spiciest to frutiest – it was GREAT.

After that the sales came in two big waves: the hungry-who-have-just-arrived wave at around 7.30 and then the hungry-from-dancing- and-drinking wave at 2am. Luckily, as I was positioned close to the DJ booth so I could dance in front of my space in between sales – and dance I did!

Oggling empanadas

Oggling empanadas

The culmination of the night was a feeling of accomplishment. Not only for my epic dancing, but also for having such great feedback about both the empanadas and the salsas. It was interesting to discover that the vegetarian option – butternut squash, cheese and spring onion – was a favourite across the board and that people went out of their way to return and complement me on the spicy uchuva salsa.

As it is a business I am running, I was also pleased to have made a profit which will fund the costs for next month. Yes, that’s right – I was invited to come and do it all again next month!

In the meantime, it’s back into the kitchen for me.

Until next time!


Awaiting the first sale......patiently?

Awaiting the first sale……patiently?


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