Are you enjoying your business?

Some days, usually the sunny days, life as a small food business owner seems like the best thing in the whole world. When you find a solution to a problem or you meet someone who inspires you to keep going and the sun shines down on you and you think, “everything is going so well – I’m so lucky”.

Laura and me martini 2

You remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and that you love the whole thing. You are encouraged by the positive turn of the tide and start planning a few more of the fun things you have had in mind for a while because it feels less of a risk because things are going so well. You allow yourself to put the boring paperwork down and stop crunching numbers and second guessing sales forecasts and, for a moment, allow yourself to float into a world where it all goes to plan and falls into place at the time it’s supposed to.

In this lovely positive space you find that ideas and inspiration flow freely, that projects get bigger and funding seems like a trifle to step over like a tiny crack in the paving stone that you only really noticed because there was a buttercup growing out of it. Instead of of worrying how deep the crack goes you stoop down and pluck the buttercup and stick it in your hair as you float on down the road to success.

Why all days are not like these is a matter of many factors; some of those factors are external and unavoidable in the start-up world; some are internal and relate to the way in which you deal with the external.

You can’t really change the influx of rent, staff sickness, broken equipment, traffic, thunder-storm sales flunks. These are a given and part of the process. You can change how you see yourself and how that allows you to deal with the process.

I have recently decided to not beat myself up so much, to take more risks and not worry so much about the failures. I’ve been a lot happier and I’ve been enjoying the process more too which means I have much more emotional energy available to invest in growth.

So if, like me, you tend to have the bad habit of over analysing and being harsh on yourself when things don’t go to plan, I recommend giving it a go to just stop – see what happens if you let yourself have a bit more fun.



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